Friday, January 09, 2015

And now for something completely unserious

As surprised as I am to say this, a couple years after mostly losing interest in the genre, I have a new favorite personal-style blogger. Madeleine Alizadeh lives in Vienna and (thus) writes in German, but that's neither here nor there. What's exciting for me is that she's the first such blogger I've found who has my build as well as my coloring. She has far better taste than I do, however. Better, but similar, and making her blog the perfect resource for coming up with ways to style what I already own. And that's really what you want in a personal-style blogger - someone who has (give or take) your wardrobe, looks (give or take) like you, but knows how to put outfits together.

So! Outfits I plan to shamelessly copy using clothes I've already got on hand include pairing a button-down shirt with a motorcycle jacket; a loose gray t-shirt with a black pencil skirt; a tough-shade-to-wear blue sweater with black jeans and a navy jacket; camel with navy (yes! it always looks odd, on me at least, with just black); and camel with camel. Oh, and pairing everything with black sunglasses, although I feel this is only a borderline already-own, since I just bought these and have yet to wear them. All of these combinations may sound obvious, but somehow, on a day-to-day basis, they're not.


Maddie said...

Hi Phoebe, thanks so much for mentioning me and the kind words! xx, Maddie

caryatis said...

Offtopic, but I thought you would like this example of radical oversharing:

Phoebe said...


Thanks for the thanks!


That's quite something. Seems this guy is making something of a career of this: Seems there's also a Ted talk, maybe also a memoir.

I'd like to think his wife, an adult (if an often-unstable one) consents to this - for Modern Love, I've read, that's necessary. That said, it sounds like the wife here is awfully dependent on the husband, and thus not in such a different situation from a child who can't really object to overshare if it's how mom or dad pays the bills. It's not for me to say if the wife here *feels* exploited, but it's clear enough from the outside why she'd be in a bad spot if she wanted to object.

Stories like this are important, but telling them with real names, identifying photos, etc. means that when you Google this woman, you know *everything.* What if she wants to look for a job? What if she's had enough of dude (and frankly, *I've* had enough of him) and is trying to date?