Sunday, January 25, 2015

Alvy Singer 2.0

Today was most unusual in WWPD history. It included:

-Driving on the freeway. In California. With me driving. Uneventful (thus far, knocks on wood, prays to all the world's deities) but challenging because this was my first real experience driving a car other than my own. (Driving lessons don't count.)

-Impulse-purchasing a giant (Zutano?) avocado at a farmers market, basically because it seemed amazing that avocado could be a local food. The giant avocado represented not being in New Jersey even a little bit. Bought some limes as well, in part for that reason, and also, of course, to go with that and the regular-sized less-impulsively-selected avocados.

-Having fried-fish tacos for lunch at a Sundays-only pop-up taco place.

-Walking by the Pacific Ocean. (!!!!!!)

-Walking around in leggings and a sweatshirt and finding myself vastly overdressed.

There was some usual as well. I have yet to switch from coffee to green juice, and I've already been to a Japanese supermarket.

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