Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Notes from Chris Christie's State of Emergency

Snowed in. Again. In principle, there's this four-wheel contraption that could, with minimal exertion on my part, get me out. To do work in a cafe, for example, although I've just gotten word that the cafe in town is about to close. In practice, there's once again too much snow for that. I understand that in places where this is regularly the case, one can get snow tires, or the roads get cleared, or something happens such that these places continue to function in winter. Here, however, five raindrops or two snowflakes and everything's kaput.

But why? Is it that it's snowing that much more than it usually does? (I've lived in this region almost my whole life and don't recall.) That this is car country and when you can't drive, you're stuck? Is it that there's no crime here, so news reports have to be about apocalyptic weather, but it's actually just a bit of snow? This "state of emergency" looks just kind of like winter, but then again, I haven't attempted to drive since it started.

While I'm technically prepared - we got groceries last night, and I have more than enough work to keep me busy that can be done from anywhere - there's nothing like knowing that one is stuck in the woods to make one desperate - desperate! - to go anywhere else.


Which is, I suppose, one of the great perks of having a dog. Just as the stir-crazy hits, it's time for a walk. After 20 minutes, give or take, of snowstorm, in moderate, Mid-Atlantic gear (think rain boots), I'm convinced for the next several hours that I never want to go outside again, ever.

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