Thursday, January 30, 2014

Intermarriage news of interest to those writing the 2314 equivalent of my dissertation

Millepied's converting, not because anything for Natalie Portman, but because he loves Israel. Scarlett Johansson - Jewish on her mother's side as every lister-of-beautiful-blondes-who-happen-to-be-Jewish will have you know - chooses seltzer over boycotts. Netanyahu's adult son may or may not be dating a non-Jewish woman who is both blonde and Norwegian, making her, by Portnoy-era standards, extra-Gentile. (Netanyahu Junior is also quite blond, but, as we have discussed on WWPD, Israel isn't in Scandinavia).


David Schraub said...

As someone who is also dating a blonde Norwegian (or of Norwegian-descent, anyway), solidarity!

Phoebe said...

And as someone married to a dark-haired non-Jewish man, I have no place in the Jewish out-marriage cliché system. Jewish men with blondes = panic time! Jewish women with whatever the male form is of brunettes, meh.