Tuesday, October 08, 2013

On the need to call things by their proper names

-What are "skinny jeans"? Are they a) the jeans you wore at your skinniest (after reaching your full height) or bought too small (what Zara jeans?) and occasionally try to squeeze into; b) the narrow-cut, stretchy jeans that were ubiquitous until stores went all-out with jeggings; or c) jeans that make you look skinny? This can get confusing, particularly when stories about Item C are illustrated with photos of very slim (is "skinny" pejorative?) women in what may or may not be skinny jeans in the Item B sense of the term. In any case, my on-again, off-again quest for jeans without stretch is now that much more futile, now that "the technology behind Spanx" is involved.

-Where does entitled male behavior cross over into a mental-health crisis where yes, you feel sorry for the woman, but you kind of also have to feel bad for the guy as well?


Petey said...

"On the need to call things by their proper names"

Corset Jeans.

Phoebe said...

"Bad Idea Jeans."