Monday, March 25, 2013

Great moments in fashion cluelessness

"I think she is a great reference for young professional women." So says the Sartorialist, and just below is a photo of the woman in question. Chic? Sure. Young? I suppose so. Woman? The certainty with which we can affirm this is the giveaway regarding where this outfit - which kind of works on the woman in question, in the context of her work environment - might not constitute "professional."


redscott said...

Forgive me if I'm offering up uninformed fashion thoughts, but what struck me is that every piece of her clothing looked really big on her. My wife is a stern and justified critic of tastemakers who insist that even professional women wear what she calls "boob shirts and butt pants," but isn't there a middle ground? Just as a guy, if I were wearing the analogues to what she's wearing, I'd complain about the fit.

Annie said...

Is not wearing a bra professional?