Saturday, March 23, 2013

"Close proximity to livestock"

Today I finally made it to the nearby Cherry Grove Farm, which is the only sort of farm in the area of much interest in this produce-barren season: one centered around cheese! And it was one of those 'that was there all this time?' moments. There were baby goats. There were adult goats, cows, pigs. Chickens and cats just meandering around. (Drive carefully!) Calves so adorable that if I were ever seeking out veal in the first place, I might have to stop. (Chickens, not so adorable. Pigs neither. This is not an ethical treatise on animal consumption, but a beauty contest. I win no award for eating very little meat, on account of I'm not often up for it. Cheese, however...)

There was some very literal farm-to-mouth happening, when all of a sudden, at the farm store, there was this cheese tasting it would have been impolite not to participate in. I'd tried cheese from this farm before (thus, in part, the reason for visiting the place), but on-site was something else. I ended up opting for the Herdsman variety, which I will melt over everything. That and a dozen eggs, although I had just bought a dozen at the supermarket, because the proximity of chickens demanded it. These are special eggs, and thus will be soft-boiled and not turned into brownies. Big plans, big plans. 

Chicken, office.

Baby goats, not unlike fully-grown miniature poodles.

When you travel internationally, they ask you on the customs form on the flight back if you've been in "close proximity to livestock." It appears that I have, but this was domestic, so the government's not interested.

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