Monday, February 04, 2013

Philadelphia food guide-in-progress

Philadelphia holds certain entirely subjective advantages over New York. The former can be driven to in not much time, with no tolls, and with fairly straightforward (often free) parking. The latter requires a mess of expensive and inconvenient train travel from one of two stations neither of which is near where I live, and there are at least four compelling reasons why driving there doesn't make sense. And in Philadelphia, there's no chance I'll end up at the same places I went to in high school.

This post will be a list of best-ofs, and to-tries, in the food category because why not. Suggestions welcome.


-Nam Phuong. If there's Vietnamese food this good in NYC, I'd never found it.

-The croissants at Artisan Boulanger Patisserie, which is apparently moving.


-9th Street Italian Market. The Reading one was all kinds of disappointing (unless you like gelatinous Amish pudding, and I say this as someone not interested in the desserts of my own heritage, either), but this one I've seen in passing, and it sure looked promising.

-Maido, a Japanese supermarket in the Philadelphia suburbs.

And more.


Daniel Goldberg said...

Maido is awesome. It's not too difficult to get to from 30th street station (I think only 2 trains).

Petey said...

As always, if you're down by Headhouse, Jim's Steaks demands at least an initial visit.

Recommended: Cheesesteak with provolone, onions, peppers. Pizza sauce is optional depending on mood.

Stendhal said...

Monk's Cafe (16th and Spruce)

Best beer selection I've encountered in extensive travelling (and equally extensive drinking) and simple, but reasonably priced and expertly prepared Flemish and American dishes.