Friday, February 01, 2013

On writing something unlikely to infuriate mommy-bloggers

If WWPD is not enough of my ramblings, you can read more elsewhere. Whichever powers-that-be choose photos for such things happened to choose one of Tina Fey as Liz Lemon, meaning it looks like a picture of me, but a) I don't wear glasses, and b) my wedding dress looked nothing like that. (Neither did Liz Lemon's, as I recall - this was some other episode.)


Petey said...

Not a bad article. But why does the 'Mary Richards' link go to a page to purchase shoes?

Petey said...

Your piece is now #1 on the 'Most Popular' list. Congrats. Though the Liz Lemmon pic may have helped you along a bit, it's still your piece at the top of the heap.

Now, considering that there is also a "When Taking Multiple Husbands Makes Sense" piece on the list, you can use synergy for your follow-up.

"There Is No Perfect Age For Taking Your Third Husband?" I'm just spit-balling here. Something should work.


"Whichever powers-that-be choose photos for such things"


(I'm fully aware it's a played-out gag at this point. But it's still kinda funny to me...)

Petey said...

I forgot to ask my real query:

When the piece hit the top of the 'Most Popular' list, did you go outside and toss your hat in the air?

Petey said...

Well, given the success of the piece, I've been speaking to the other VC partners with an equity stake in WWPD Industries, and we all think it's time to go public with an IPO.

Happily, the WWPD ticker symbol is available, so that solves that problem. The consensus is to leverage the writing brand, the doctoral candidacy brand, and the blog brand along with a social / payment mobile app that will rapaciously collect personal data to resell to third parties. We think that'll get investors excited.

One minor issue, and I must stress that I was a dissenting vote here, but the other VC partners think it's mandatory for you to give a TEDTalk prior to the IPO to juice the share price. They were thinking something along the lines of 'The lessons of the Dreyfus Affair for combating malaria in Africa', but you're free to modify the topic as you see fit.

Obviously, we'll have Bisou will ring the exchange bell the morning of the IPO.