Thursday, May 03, 2012


My first thought with Pinterest was that this seemed like a Wanty List organizer, so I was not surprised to see that Kei, originator of this concept, uses the site. Now I do too, and I picked my supreme wanty as the name for my account.

It's entirely possible that I prefer organizing theoretical consumption to actually, you know, spending money and further contributing to the disaster that is one modestly-sized shared clothes closet for a couple, where "my side," such as it is, is beyond capacity. It's still self-expression-through-dress, but without the time-and-money-consuming activity of buying things. It's better, actually, because it's a dream closet not only in terms of what it contains (no price restrictions, no worries about whether a pair of shoes would rub), but also in terms of what's left out, namely the washed-out t-shirts, hiking socks, and worn-out corduroys, items selected for their compatibility with muddy bike rides that make up day to day reality. A closet edited to contain only the fabulous.

Where I may have gone slightly off-track, however, is in including a food "board." What I want to eat and what I do eat are - unlike what I wear and imagine I ought to wear - identical but for geographic limitations. I like the idea of having more categories than just apparel, yet keeping it to the frivolous (there will be no board telling you about my favorite works in French-Jewish Studies). But I'm not sure this fits.

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