Thursday, May 24, 2012

How civilizations end UPDATED

-At their new Manhattan branch, Montreal-themed Brooklyn deli Mile End lets you order an $18 deluxe sandwich platter to stay, but doesn't offer any seating whatsoever. No bar-stools, nothing. If coffee places can do this, why not giant-messy-sandwich shops? With coffee, at least there's the glamorous precedent (pretend it's Milan!), and at least you can sympathize with owners who have to deal with a clientele that thinks a coffee shop is a second living room. With smoked-meat sandwiches and matzo-ball soup, there's no precedent and no excuse.

-Someone, somewhere, thought that what was missing from middle-school dances were VIP areas.

-Here, some inspiration for how to dress for your unpaid internship. Save up enough from your $0 paychecks and you, too, might be able to name as your "summer must-have" the "Burberry Prorsum trench."


Or try the Louboutin "intern" flat.

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