Friday, March 09, 2012

WWPD's weekend "Lifestyle" section

-The food movement is full of paradoxes and contradictions. On the one hand, we are asked to avoid processed foods, added sweeteners, and so on. On the other, we are to shun all produce that is not both seasonal and local (gar!), when for most of us, and that includes yours truly, even if you've got access to supermarkets including Whole Foods, itself a big "if," produce comes from all over the place, but rarely, in many regions, from nearby. (Or: I could buy a car and drive around to the farms in our area. And there are plenty of farms. But how "green" would that be?) On the one hand, we're to eat real foods. On the other, Mark Bittman wants us to eat fake meat. What gives?

-Stop the presses: an H&M model is looking worryingly thin. "Some observers have criticised the choice of styling and make up for the model, saying that her pale complexion, hollowed cheeks, dark eyes and unkempt hair make her look yet more unhealthy." Thanks! Some of us have pale skin, dark eyes, and unruly hair because that's the way it is. Of course, if that look is in this season, I'm not complaining. 

-How's this for an aesthetic vision for a high-fashion runway show? "I wanted to depersonalize the girls, completely." How was this accomplished? By putting all the models in identical, platinum-blond, pin-straight wigs, and "it’s all about alabaster skin [.]" Of course it is. 

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eamonnmcdonagh said...

*takes deep breath before writing comment outside area he knows anything about*

wouldn't it also be doctors, the health movement in general, if we can call it that that, which asks us "to avoid processed foods, added sweeteners, and so on" because that stuff is not good for you

the shunning of the non-local and non-seasonal really would be a solely food movement thing and would be aimed at (at least in part) causing changes of a socio-political/economic nature. no?