Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Annals of the useless

Asking a 15-year-old actress how she gets such shiny hair, which lip balm she prefers, and what she does for exercise. Really, NYT? Some teeny-tiny percentage of humanity looks best at 12-16 (and, thanks to a middle school friend's recent Facebook photo-scanning extravaganza, we can rest assured that yours truly wasn't one of them) and the best-looking of 12-16-year-old females are held up as society's great beauty ideal, because for whatever reason they never came by to ask those of us who think beauty's more often found in men. Somehow I don't think going out and buying whatever shampoo this girl uses would make all the difference.


Britta said...

Hmm...the term 'feng-shui hair care' made me very sad to realize I am missing out on a fortune that could be made by defrauding the wealthy and gullible.

Also again...not to be too snarky, but if I'm supposed to make me feel bad I don't look like her, it's not happening. Maybe it's just a bad photo?

David Schraub said...

If there's one thing I know from commercials, it's that the right brand of shampoo can make anyone go lez.