Monday, July 11, 2011

Ombré manqué

So, contrary to all my preconceptions re: ombré, the effect looked much better in the fade-to-blond state (after the second attempt, with the punkier bleach) than with the semi (I hope no more than semi)-permanent "Pastel Pink" on the tips. I imagined a cotton-candy effect, but failed to account for the fact that I had not bleached the tips to white. Thus, pink-ish orange. In theory, this will fade to what it was before - not to my natural color, of course, but to just the bleach. After shampooing the tips of my hair many, many times, and washing the tips with normal soap as well, a dent appears to have been made. Luckily the beauty industry has invented such a thing as a rubberband for hair.

In other news, whoever scanned the 500-page fin-de-siècle novel (Cosmopolis by Paul Bourget) I'm so close to having finished at a slant should have maybe lined things up a bit better, esp. for those of us reading the thing on our computer screens. It's already tough enough to figure out why which decadent aristocrat is dueling with which other (What Would Dan Savage Say about the semi-tolerance of adultery, "semi-" in very much the same sense as this pink hair dye?), and why they've picked which others as their witnesses, and what the significance of race is in the novel. The novel is thus far at most 10% about anything directly relevant to my topic, but the remaining 90% is tangentially relevant, so this isn't a scan-for-key-words situation, but a read-entire-novel-closely-while-taking-notes one. The slant, not helpful. But granted, it's nice that obscure-ish literature is available for free on the Internet.

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PG said...

It's too bad that you have to read it in French; the English translation on Project Gutenberg is not the least bit slanty.