Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Natural Nordic beauty indeed: UPDATED

"In his early 20s, he travelled to the U.S. to have plastic surgery on his nose, chin and forehead."

Allow me to contradict myself and to point out that dude, in the "before," had one heck of a schnoz. Forgive me, Dan Savage, I so see where you're coming from.


Apropos of nothing (although boy did they have a good lead-in if they'd opted for it!), the Well blog announces that one in three who want a nose job are mentally ill, with body dysmorphic disorder. I was struck by the fact that this is coming from a study done in Belgium. My first thought, when noticing that, was to be surprised that anyone's even getting nose jobs there. Not that everyone in Belgium has a Grace Kelly nose, but it's a procedure I thought went along with trying to look less "ethnic." (See: Jackson, Michael.) If the nose-job-seekers in Belgium are for the most part ethnically Belgian, which I suspect, however large or small their noses (and there's the full range), it's unlikely they're going in for this for that particular pragmatic-if-unfortunate reason. Somehow I doubt that of the many NY women of a certain age who've quite visibly had that procedure, 1 in 3 would get that diagnosis.

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