Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Yes, please

Among the many social ills that can be traced to "Sex and the City" is the popular conflation of 'interest in shoes' with 'hoarding of haute stilettos.'

To correct this error, some of my own current favorites:

Space-age Keds (via).

These, if they had the space-age print, or just as they are. If they could be Yves Klein blue patent leather...

Canadian hiking boots.

These shiny ballet flats will be mine, all mine, as soon as they drop to the inevitable sale price of, I've decided, $9.99.

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PG said...

Charlotte Russe had a big sale on flats last week, $10 a pair, but I've discovered that their size 8 is too big for me (at least in flat form), so off to Manhattan Mall for a return.