Monday, February 01, 2010

Oh no, Uniqlo

The good news: jeans for $19.50 that fit perfectly. Free hemming. Nice, dark color, no streaks. The best part: mid-rise waist! Who could ask for more?

The bad: they come with a warning label about how the dye will rub off on light-colored clothes, sofas, etc. I was almost going to go ahead with them regardless, but then remembered that sometimes it rains. It's not clear what one's meant to do when that happens, or how long one can expect one's light-colored legs to stay blue.

In further fashion-and-body news, in the oh-the-irony department, Facebook ads are urging me to consider breast augmentation. This does, however, make for a pleasant change from what had been an odd alternation between Facebook ads for sausages and ones for a mohel.


Britta said...

Presumably there is a point at which they stop bleeding, maybe after multiple washes? If you like them a lot, are not attached to them being ultra dark, and are willing that they might get ruined, you could buy them and then wash them on hot a few times. I bought a pair of dark jeans from Banana Republic for $20 last year, they don't appear to stain furniture or other clothes in the wash, but they did turn my legs blue for the first couple of wears, and even now ( a year later), if put my hands on my lap for awhile they turn a bit blue. It's a bit disconcerting, but as long as they don't ruin my other clothes or furniture and the blue washes of my body I don't mind.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Britta. I've bought jeans with 'advisor' to wash before wearing due to the color issue. Warnings are just to cover themselves. I'd buy and wash once (or more) before wearing the jeans. JM

Phoebe said...

Britta and JM,

A brief investigation in this area revealed that even if I were to pay a ghastly $60 (ahem, Urban Outfitters' Levis), it would mean warning-label jeans. It could just be something specific to dark denim. Boo.