Saturday, January 16, 2010

Goals for the day, some fully met, some not

-Improve upon application essay that must, among other things, distill 30-page prospectus into three pages.

-Run six miles with a freeze-prone iPod. (The serenity some feel on headphone-free runs is not something I experience. Either I think about the distance left, or I think about my work - see above - without the writing implements necessary to do anything about it.)

-Bake "shtetl apple cake," or cake from a recipe that's been passed down from Old Country times. (What I now see in the oven looks more like shtetl apple crumble, but that works too, and might work even better with the vanilla ice cream that will go with.)

-Not consume entire shtetl apple dessert before Jo gets back from his trip tonight. (This is made more challenging by item #2 and the ensuing tripled appetite, and can only be offset by preempting this impulse with something called 'dinner.' But the cake smells so good! Who could have pasta with that readily available?)

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