Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Split personality

My university just emailed me asking for money. Sob-story given: Even the funded PhD students are suffering these days. I'm one of those students! Why would I donate to myself?

This is all because anyone with an MA, even a non-terminal one that's just part of a PhD program, is technically an alum. It's like the time a few months back when I was offered a discounted gym membership... to the same gyms I can now go to for free. And that I might be at right now, if I weren't spending the day writing a paper, eating chocolates (but leaving some, Jo, I promise!) and being awestruck by the level of interest the 'shiksa' question can still summon. (Ta-Nehisi Coates, if you Google yourself again and arrive here, thanks for the link!)

That said, to all the real alums receiving the email solicitation, the Graduate Student Dishwasher Fund (GSDF) is accepting donations.

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