Friday, December 26, 2008

Reports from the mushy brain (3,000th post!)

-Does this movie look amazing, or am I missing something?

-Today I rediscovered how delicious hot dogs can be. Yum! This can't be good.

-I also rediscovered that the Astor Place Starbucks is not the most uplifting place ever, although it's certainly cleaner than I pictured it. (Low expectations.) Returning to Anna Karenina (vacation reading put aside during height of head-cold brain-mush period) works better when not overhearing women who look like a certain coffee-selling Wasillan, but far more makeup and hand-tatooage, discussing the difficulties of getting one's self, one's husband, one's baby-daddy, and one's baby through heroin detox. Levin's agricultural pursuits did not stand a chance.


Anonymous said...

What's the difference between Despereaux and Ratatouille? Aren't they both rodents falling into French soup?

Phoebe said...

Despereaux is adorable! Rats, not so much.

Dana said...

Despereaux sounds like the perfect movie to see by myself on a random afternoon when I abscond from research work and buy myself a movie ticket and an ice cream cone. M

Or, possibly, a date movie. I am often surprised by my boyfriend's willingness to indulge in whimsy with me, which apparently includes cartoons. We rarely see downers together, because couple time is precious and I cry at the drop of a wee mouse hat. And yet I totally want to see Benjamin Button, if for no other reason than this other loves-to-feel-the-emo girl said that she sobbed continuously throughout it.

Phoebe said...


Both your suggestions sound excellent. Surprisingly, I already have some takers. Or maybe not surprisingly. That computer-generated mouse is cute! Such big ears! What's really surprising is that I've had mouse problems a couple places I've lived, and I still think this.