Thursday, December 11, 2008

Immense fame of diva-esque proportions

So after giving my students their last exam and meeting with a professor, I took my glamorous self out for a nice lunch, a $9.75, foot-and-a-half-long, delicious Italian sandwich that will also be dinner assuming it survives an afternoon (wrapped, of course) in my backpack. As I was getting up to go (I'd imagine, given the precedent, with food--quite possibly and embarrassingly arugula--all over my face) wielding a backpack of my own weight, a man waiting on line to order his sandwich asked me if I was Phoebe, and if I have a blog.

So, a shout-out to Andrew. Meanwhile, I now await the remaining 14 minutes and 30 seconds of my fame.


Nick said...

"on line"? "on line"?!?!


Phoebe said...

Standard New York English. Don't penalize me for using my native dialect.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know your 15 minutes of fame could be parceled out like that so you could enjoy it at regular intervals. I thought it had to all come at once and ruin everything.

arethusa said...

"On line" has spread to the Midwest now, actually.