Thursday, April 12, 2007

Proof that Zionism ruined Judaism

Ah, Israel, the land of Jewish athleticism, Jewish militarism, Jews doing things other than (ahem) staying inside all day in somewhere like, say, Brooklyn, reading scholarly texts and checking their email. Looks like the Zionists are not content bringing Jewry of Muscle to the Holy Land: I was just invited to an event, via facebook, called JUMP FOR ISRAEL!

Jump for Israel: SKYDIVING!! - Come skydiving to raise money for Friends of the IDF, an organization dedicated to supporting Israeli soldiers. We'll be paying a great discounted price of $165.

In addition, we're asking that each participant raise $100 in pledges as a donation to Friends of the IDF.

The jump will take place on Long Island--we'll provide transportation. To look up the place visit,

Email Rob ( or Dave ( to reserve your spot and receive a pledge sheet.

HURRY! Space is limited!

The words "discounted price" and "Long Island" do appear, so stereotypes are not entirely absent, but still. Is this what the Jewish people has come to?


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with the skydiving event and what does it have to do with ruining Judaism?
-Angelica (we met at the Bibi event in September)

Phoebe said...

I meant this post to be humorous. It's a very non-stereotypically-Jewish activity, which goes along with it being pro-Israel.