Thursday, March 15, 2007

Romantic tourism

Shock of all shocks, I've finished my work for spring break, and am now trying to plan a "vacation" for the five minutes remaining. Somehow I began looking into trips to places where the Amish live. You can tour all sorts of places in Pennsylvania Dutch country, suggesting that the Amish, unlike the Hasids, know how to market the silliness, to the unfamiliar, of a culture with mandatory black hats.

One of the places the Amish offer tours of is the Intercourse Canning Company. Along with the tour, there is an "Optional 'Tasting Party' with a Bigger Spread. $7 Per Person (By Reservation)."

Yes, I am ten.

Regardless, looks hard to get to without a car. Perhaps Borough Park would be easier. Then again, I spent the afternoon reading about "romantic" (i.e. Orientalist, i.e. racist) French tourism to Algiers, so perhaps a day of watching "News 12 Brooklyn, 'As local as local news gets'" is in order.

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