Thursday, March 01, 2007


Thanks to my influence, today Jo had his first matzo ever, and his friend Thomas had his first bagel ever.

"This is so bland!" Such was the assessment of Jo re: plain matzo, and Thomas re: a plain bagel with nothing on it. After the initial let-down, Thomas asked for a "pastrami bagel," which the man at the bagel place interpreted to mean he wanted a bagel of that flavor, not a pastrami sandwich, and was instead given yet another bagel with nothing on it. Perhaps proselytizing isn't my thing after all.


Scott Lemieux said...

had his first bagel ever.

Really? Wow, I grew up in the most whitebread Western Canadian city and I had bagels all the time growing up (well, at least vaguely bagel-like products called "bagels.")

Phoebe said...

That's North America for you--Jo and Thomas are both from Belgium, maybe that explains it?