Saturday, March 17, 2007

False alarm

No, I am not done with my work for this vacation. Sure, I thought I'd finished both papers, as well as work for Monday, some for Tuesday, and as for Wednesday, well... But then it hit me, while reading Patrick Modiano's La place de l'etoile as part of my busman's holiday, that Celine's first name was Louis-Ferdinand, and I could swear I'd put Jean-Ferdinand in a paper. Why Jean, when I knew perfectly well it was Louis? Because when four out of four classes you take each semester are about France, things French have a way of blurring together. Upon making the inevitable correction, it occurred to me that tons more needed to change in the paper, nothing so urgent as that, but much needed (needs!) to be added, and... yeah. Good thing there's too much snow on the ground to do anything spring-break-ish anyway.

In other news, Labyrinth Books is pretty great. Is it embarrassing that I'm only now discovering this, given that I grew up not far from it but had never been? Yes. The answer is yes.

But I now have the above-mentioned Modiano book, something by Pierre (is it Pierre?!) Vidal-Naquet about Jews (both of these books, oddly enough, feature yellow stars on their covers--gar!), and, last but not least, a star-free book on learning colloquial Dutch.

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Clémentine said...

It's Pierre.
how's La place de l'etoile? any good?