Saturday, August 26, 2006


If you happen to be in NYC and ready to buy huge amounts of drastically discounted designer clothing (and doesn't one imply the other?), head down to West 17th Street immediately. Between 6th and 7th there are not one, not two, but three sample sales. One's Hermes, had a huge line, and I don't think I care if Hermes stuff is $10k rather than $100k, so I skipped that one. The next, walking west, is the Intermix sale. Not too shabby, but a significant amount of very damaged merchandise, I guess because the sale's about to end. Next came this giant sale called Billion Dollar Babe, where according to the website you need an RSVP to get in, but without having even heard of the event beforehand, I was allowed to try on and purchase some fantastic, supersoft t-shirts at Old Navy prices.

I found these sales because I was on my way to look at the Barneys Warehouse Sale, on 18th between 7th and 8th. Don't bother with that one-- as usual, the clothing's still ridiculously expensive, except all the good stuff's gone, leaving only a bunch of ugly clothes that happen to be well-known labels. The only things in my price range, oddly enough, were t-shirts that said things on them such as, "Where do you summer?" Maybe not the shirt I'd wear, say, on the first day of school, if I want to make an even slightly decent impression.

And the shopping continued, but Part II, the search for ways to Franco-Israelize my computer via keyboard stickers and spellcheck (now that I'll be doing work somewhere other than Harper Library's well-equipped USITE), was a complete failure. Where are these things, or do they just need to be ordered online?

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