Thursday, August 31, 2006

Is the Soda pareve?

Just got back from a not-quite-Oz-approved dinner of fries and beer with occasional co-blogger Nick, at hipsterific Brooklyn bar Soda. What makes Soda special, other than the occasional Chabad event? Relatedly, in a way, there's the bathroom graffiti, which is in Hebrew! Something about "hamelech," but I'm a bit shaky, so that's all I caught. It might have been "long live the king," but if so, and if yes, then why, I couldn't say. The bathroom was on the filthy side, so I wasn't about to turn the evening into a linguistics research hour. That, and the time has come to move into my new room and otherwise get organized in time for school. Oh yes.


Jesse A. said...

If it holds Chabad events, it probably has something to do with "Melech HaMashiach," "The King Messiah," in reference to the late Lubavitcher Rebbe. There is a small but strong faction within Chabad which believes that he is, in fact the Messiah, and will either return from the dead, or never died (I'm not really sure which). At least, that'd be my guest.

Nick said...

you know, there are bathrooms in the other room, and they're substantially cleaner, as I recall.