Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The official singer of Francophilic Zionism

So I was at agnes b., drooling over clothes I will buy in my next life as a member of the top-25-socialite list, when I started to notice something strange about the store's background music. The singer kept repeating something about "hageshem," which I immediately recognized as "the rain," and which seemed like French until I thought about it for a second and remembered that geshem isn't "rain" in French, and, more obviously, that ha isn't "the" in French, either. I asked what the music was, and this was the answer. I guess this "Ishtar," an Israeli who lived (lives?) in France and who sings in French and Hebrew, is the official singer of Francophilic Zionism. Unfortunately, aside from the languages, it's not music I could stand for long stretches of time, but it's still cool to know it's out there. But between the Hebrew music and the beyond-perfect French fashion, agnes b. is making it very difficult for me not to kill off my bank account in one quick motion of what would probably amount to one and a half skirts. But what skirts!

In other news, I am aware that the format is... the way it is. Should be better soon.

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