Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Still here

Moving to a new apartment, starting a new job, and finding "suit"-able clothing (pun intended, obviously) have cut into my blogging schedule. As well they should--these things are important! Plus, said new apartment is wireless in a very real sense: not yet with Internet. So, while I have much to say about the men of Chelsea and how much they love chihuahua mutts (but not in a creepy way or anything--social commentary related to this anecdote to follow) and why French Jews are visiting Israel as tourists, and how some woman in Prospect Heights/Park Slope was really enthusiastic about a Whole Foods arriving until she found out my shopping bags came from Chelsea... So much to blog, but the blogging must wait. Patience, patience.


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Phoebe: Glad to see that you are "still here," or still there. I look forward to your insights, opinions, and impressions on life, work, and dachsunds, etc. -- JM