Thursday, September 08, 2005

Recent happenings of no global import whatsoever

1) My driverginity was broken. In a gigantic Rockaway Beach parking lot, all classy-like. By this I mean that I drove for the first time. Ever. I have a permit, and was in a car with a licensed driver, so no worries.

2) I've discovered Pain Quotidien to-go near where I work. Oren's coffee, also not far. Barneys, again, not far. Temptation is everywhere. My splurges have thus far been limited to two iced coffees a day and some organic take-out Belgian food.

3) I'm off heels. When you're in high school or even college, they're for special occasions, for parties or going out. When they become possible--even encouraged--everyday shoes, they start to lose their appeal. And, while I own a pair of white running sneakers, I'm not yet prepared to pair them with a suit.


Nathan said...

Ah yes, driverginity, a virginity you definitely cannot lose in the backseat of a car.

Anonymous said...

But both require at least one person who has some proficiency, if not a license. Mazel tov.
-- JM