Thursday, September 29, 2005

It's hard to be Kate Moss. Not!

Here's my much-awaited take on Kate Moss's cocaine use/abuse/extracurricular activity:

She's 31 years old, and is still a successful model. And I quote: "Kate Moss - the 31-year-old supermodel." Think about this for a moment. Remember heroin chic? Remember grunge? Remember the 1990s? Remember when you could negate an entire previous sentence by simply saying, "Not"? If you do, then you're probably not currently employed or employable as a model.


Anonymous said...

That will teach her to take on the British tabloids. She won a libel case against the daily mirror so they have been looking for dirt on her for ages.

Petey said...

"She's 31 years old, and is still a successful model."

In other words, she's practically an advertisement for the virtues of recreational drug abuse.