Saturday, August 20, 2005

Fashion emergency!!! Or, why I was much better-dressed in middle school than I am today

I have not a thing to wear. Not a thing! OK, not quite, but I'm trying to find a dressy outfit for a warm, humid evening (that evening being this evening) and, unless I start digging up the prom dresses (which were slip-dresses, not big, prom-ish productions, and thus maybe not the worst idea...), it's slim pickings, indeed. But I used to have many more dressy outfits, back when I was 10-13. The reasons this is no longer the case are as follows:

1) I no longer attend bar or bat mitzvahs every weekend.
2) I no longer attend interschool dances or brunches at Sarabeth's with my fellow Spence 6th graders, a fashion-conscious set if ever there was.
3) Upon working at my first job, before college, I realized The Value Of A Dollar, and that dollar had far, far better uses than ending up at Bebe.
4) I was not a member of a sorority during college, was not interested in entering the frat scene as an, err, independent contractor, and thus had no reason to purchase the shiny/skanky outfits necessary for attending those sorts of events. I don't judge, it just wasn't (and isn't) my style.
5) I have a habit of buying ill-fitting-but-cheap skirts at places like sample sales (thus the black pleated knit skirt a few sizes too big) or Gap Kids (thus the neon green corduroy skirt that will barely close).

And the search through my closet continues.


lauren said...

dude, the neon green corduroy skirt is totally awesome. but i agree, it's a little high-waisted and tight.

Phoebe said...

It is, it is. That's precisely why I didn't end up wearing it, as you may have observed. Oh well.