Sunday, August 13, 2006


Still here, but writing regularly for Jewlicious. I'll be cross-posting whenever appropriate.

In other news:

Recent definitive celebrity sightings include Kyan, the exfoliation-obsessed one from Queer Eye and Whoopi Goldberg. These have to be the two celebrities I find the least interesting. I may have seen Adrien Brody, which is a tiny bit cooler, but he looked shorter on Houston Street than he does in the Zegna ads, a huge one of which used to be on Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

I have an NYU ID. Which is super. Which means I can enter--and have entered!--the Bobst library in more than a "guest" capacity. It also means NYU student discounts at all sorts of places I've been going to since I was 12, free gym membership, and... drumroll please... I can now (well, starting August 28th) take those super-obnoxious purple trolleys that keep NYU kids safe from the big, bad world of the MTA. Yes, the trolleys. This is fantastic. I will have to devote an entire day to riding them around at some point before school begins.


kei said...

Are these trolleys somewhat like the white school buses at U of C? Based on your Facebook profile, it seems like you are going to get a PhD. What will you be studying? Good luck!

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

The trolleys are far sillier than the white school buses. They are purple and look like, well, trolleys.

Re: PhD, that's the goal. I think you know what subject it *won't* be in... it'll be in the French program. Thanks for wishing me luck, I most definitely need it!