Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Above is (a bag the same model as) my new bag. It's the same make as the green one, is thus also vegan and Canadian, but, unlike its emerald cousin, actually holds my summer reading in a form other than rolled-up messiness. Why the sedate color, you ask? Why such a classic look? Or, better yet, why not make that trip to Eastern Mountain Sports that traditionally goes along with starting a new school?

Simple: I've decided to be stylish. If I don't make the effort, I dress exactly as I did in middle school. If I do make the effort, I can put together somewhat understatedly interesting (aka fashionable) outfits. I also recently purchased a pair of white jeans, the "skinny jeans," this season's sillhouette, since they were on mega-sale at Intermix and I figured they'd make me look like maybe my lifestyle's a bit more like that of Donatella Versace than it really is. But no, despite my course of study, I don't plan on "looking French," although if a bit of that rubs off, then so be it. I hope to look some cross between mod, French New Wave, Japanese teenager, and the Israeli version of Eurotrash. It will be fabulous.

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