Monday, August 07, 2006

Dual blogging loyalties

At last, people other than my immediate family, a handful of fellow bloggers, and remarkably active commentor "Petey" will now read my thoughts on Jewish nationalism and all that. My first post is up on Jewlicious. Subsequent posts from me on that site will be shorter and less Dreyfus-focused, in case you were concerned. Much shorter, geez. I wanted my debut there to be a more serious post, so that if it all lapses into charming anecdotes about run-ins with violent centegenarian cart-pushers at the Fairway, at least that won't be my entire contribution.

The good thing about writing for Jewlicious is that WWPD readers who'd rather just hear about how I might cut my hair or what I had for lunch will now be spared at least some of that political nonsense. The bad thing about writing for Jewlicious is that people might find out that I'm, well, Jewish. Secrets like that can only be kept for so long.


Anonymous said...

"The bad thing about writing for Jewlicious is that people might find out that I'm, well, Jewish."

You're whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???

TM (Jewlicious) said...

You can write about hair n' stuff on Jewlicious. You're Jewish and it's your hair, therefore it is suitable material for Jewlicious.

Anonymous said...

i read this drivel for petey's comments. Because they make me laugh.

Anonymous said...

yeah. what tm said. write about whatever you like. besides we need the shot of estrogen -- jewlicious can get uh... a bit testy sometimes. And by testy I mean testosteroni. with cheese. so write about your hair. write about your shoes. whatever moves you! i mean frig - how many posts have we written about shrimp encrusted fish sticks?