Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sports coverage

The question on everybody's minds this week is of course which soccer team is best-looking. I have seen only glimpses of the games, but enough to form some opinion. Italy comes to mind. Portugal is also decent. France, argh, not so great. Germany is impressive. And finally, a link to what appears to be the official sports site of Francophilic Zionism. Proof that there is a website for absolutely everything.

Not that Israel is especially relevant to the World Cup this year, but if this man is at all representative of Israeli soccer players, then perhaps it should be.


Anonymous said...

No good discussion of attractive Israeli soccer players is complete without mentioning Maccabi-Tel Aviv's Giovanni Rosso! Swoon, Swoon!

While not an Israeli native per se (though recently made a permanant Israeli resident), he's a top scorer, and his Hebrew isn't so bad either.

Nick said...

actually, israel came pretty close to qualifying for this year's world cup. just fyi.