Monday, July 10, 2006

Place Theodor Herzl

Lookie here! They've just gone and named a square in Paris, in what appears to be the Marais, after Theodor Herzl! Now I know where I'm moving. Or, now the countdown begins to when this square gets the full, car-burning treatment.

OK, so I'm more excited about the Herzl square than I was disappointed that France lost the World Cup final, although I did cheer for France and refrained from singing Hatikvah at any point during the game. I also saw a guy on the subway before the final wearing a Jewish-themed t-shirt (star of David and so forth) and with "Allez" written down his arm. This suggests that you can, in fact, have it all, that a French-Jewish identity is perfectly acceptable... in New York City, where you can also have a dual Nazi-Communist identity and no one will give you a hard time.

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