Monday, July 17, 2006

If you could meet anyone...

I've decided to create a wish list, in four categories. If you feel inspired to do so on your blog or in these comments, by all means.


Theodor Herzl
Hannah Arendt
Marcel Proust
Monty Python's Graham Chapman


The remaining members of Monty Python
Philip Roth
Amy Sedaris
Israeli actors Lior Ashkenazi, Yehuda Levi, and Ohad Knoller

Entre la vie et la mort:

Ariel Sharon
Real-estate suicide Nicholas Bartha (just to know why, why?), but he now counts as fully dead.
Mystery blog-comment-maker "Petey"


George Costanza
Alex Portnoy
Adrian Mole


Dylan said...

My theory is that "Petey" is the fig leaf behind which Matt Yglesias' last shred of shame hides.

George L. Anesi said...

-Leonardo Da Vinci
-George Washington
-Albert Einstein
-Jesus Christ

-Steven Hawking
-Pete Sampras
-Bill Clinton (and not just a hand shake this time)
-John McCain
-anyone who fought in WWII

Fictional (this is sinfully dorky)
-Ender Wiggin
-Obi-Wan Kenobi
-Casey Ryback
-The entire cast, past and present of ER, but particularly John Carter, Aaby Lockhart, Susan Lewis, and Mark Green.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't hurt.

Anonymous said...

We don't call it "entre la vie et la mort" here. In the local vernacular, it's "the bardo". God turns out to be a practicing Tibetan Buddhist. Who knew?

One nice thing about being here is you get to hover wherever you please. You can often find me floating through the various Chickpea branches in town to flirt with the sullenly beautiful Israeli girls working the counter.


I did briefly run into Ariel Sharon here. He was bloodily munching on an live baby lamb. The constant bleating was somewhat disconcerting.

Anonymous said...

I'll play, although coming up with the fictional ones requires a fully separate daydreaming session...


Henry Miller
Paul of Tarsus
Jeanne Hebuterne
Charlie Chaplin


Jean-Luc Goddard
Catherine Breillat
Allen Iverson
Non-Israeli actresses Samantha Morton, Ludivine Sagnier, and Kelsey Michaels.

Entre la vie et la mort:

Bob Dylan