Monday, October 25, 2004

Heather, you just think he's gay because he's not into you.

I need to stop reading craiglist.

This is just too funny though:

You were at the STD clinic:
We dated for like, 10 minutes in high school, and when it didn't work out I figured you were probably gay. And everyone was like, Heather, you just think he's gay because he's not into you. And I was like, yeah, so? But I was right, wasn't I? Anyway, I'd love to get a drink with you sometime and catch up. I would have said hi to you at the clinic but that would have been kind of weird.

Also, news flash: apparently there are "Tall, handsome, sexy" students at the U of C. But they are gay.

In addition: this book is pure evil.


Anonymous said...

Just because a guy isn't into you doesn't mean he's gay. However, if a guy won't use the fact that you're into him to get some play before moving on with his life and seeking out girls he actually does like... then he probably is gay.

Anonymous said...

True Shoreland Story #27 (c. Sep. 2002)
The scene: A few people are chilling in the lounge, making boring small talk for its own sake. There's a poster on the wall that happens to have a young, shirtless male on it. Brad introduces it as a topic of conversation.
Brad: "Ooh, he's cute!" (in reference to the poster)
Oblivious 1st-year girl: (chuckles) "What, are you GAY or something?"
*uncomfortable silence ensues*
Brad: "Yes."
*girl turns bright red and the tension becomes unbearable*
Girl: "Oh...that's cool...... i like gay people a lot."
Poor save ensures that tension does not dissipate for the rest of the quarter. Fin.

Is there any particular reason why that book is ranked #2 in sales on Amazon? I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read the book (and don't plan to), but I read a newspaper interview/ article re: book and author. Seems to me that he has a point, that most women (I include myself and friends) would rather not acknowledge. Using "Occam's razor," it follows that the simplest reason that "he" didn't call "her" is that he didn't want to. And why? Because he is not interested enough in her to bother calling/ asking her out. It may feel better to blame other factors than one's attractiveness -- he won't commit, he lost my number, he's afraid of rejection, etc., but it wastes a lot of time better spent with people who are/ might be interested. --JM