Monday, July 28, 2014

"Bushy-brow fatigue"

-The strong brow trend has come and gone, which means the time is ripe for the NYT to discover it. As someone whose eyebrows simply don't do the caterpillar thing, my thinking is that, by accepting them as they are (which is to say, shaping slightly, but not striving for the illusion of thickness), I'm simply anticipating what ITG is already referring to as "bushy-brow fatigue." I am, as always, a step ahead of the trend. Which is why I will not be going to Doris Day (!) the dermatologist for eyebrow-enhancing medicine. The near-unused eyebrow pencil was plenty to throw at the now-non-problem.

-HMYF (hipsters make your food), your day, like that of the bushy brow, is done. The newish Viennese coffee shop in town has no hipster shabbiness whatsoever. It's full-on elegant, like if you order tea (which I will have to do sometime), it comes in a white-and-gold porcelain tea set. And it's just so much better than all the hipster-lite establishments, none of which have managed to have decent coffee, food, and atmosphere. And then... There are two much-celebrated farm-to-table places in town, neither of which is even a third as good as Little Sheep, the Edison outpost of what seems to be a very international hot-pot chain. You get to Little Sheep and while you wait for your table (and it's quite a wait), they have a video up promoting their corporation, complete with scenes of the marketing department meeting to discuss how to promote the company, as well as ones of the factory (?) where everything's standardized. HMYF can be a proxy for quality in an otherwise barren landscape, but it can only ever be so good. Whereas really good strudel, hot-pot, bulgogi, oyako don, bagels, pizza-by-the-slice, pain au chocolat... And this isn't even, clearly, a "white" vs. "non-white" issue, except under the OITNB/"white lady" definition of "white" in which "white" stands in for bland-and-yuppie.

-Considering a shimmery cream eyeshadow. Yes? No? Anyone with thoughts on the RMS line?


fourtinefork said...

I have no experience with RMS, but for shimmery cream eyeshadows, I really like the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks, which are easy to apply and long lasting. I'm partial to Amethyst, which looks lovely with Terre de Feu, but I think of it as more of a fall/winter color. Rosegold or the like might be nice in the summer, but I haven't sprung for it yet.

Heewon said...

Hi Phoebe,

I have the RMS shimmery cream! Actually, I have not the eyeshadow but the Living Luminizer:

It's awesome. I bought it to use as an illuminator, but it looks great patted all over the eyelid--gives you a dewy, glowy look without being glittery or sparkly, as most other shimmer type products tend to be. If you're going for that "natural glow" look it's perfect. Seems like the RMS eyeshadow itself doesn't have great reviews on Birchbox, though? If you already have eyeshadow you like, you could just put something like the Luminizer on top of the eyeshadow to get a shimmer look.

I guess I have (as I always have) bushy eyebrows, which shape haphazardly when I see stray hairs, and occasionally get groomed professionally after seeing a picture of myself with the eyebrows dominating half the frame. I do find it odd the range of physical features that can be wrong with us and be criticized. I remember seeing some online comment about how a woman's knees were ugly. I guess she was extremely thin so the skin on her knees was sagging just a tad. I didn't even realize knees could be ugly.

Phoebe said...

Thanks, Fourtinefork and Heewon, for your suggestions!

After so very much consideration, I ended up going with the RMS eyeshadow in Lunar. And it's... exactly what I was looking for. Shimmery, even a little bit space-age, but neutral enough to wear with the usual black liquid eyeliner. No weird skin reactions thus far. It creases a bit, but not noticeably. Not sure it would work so well without eyeliner, because it's very light and very subtle.

I had been thinking about the Living Luminizer, but realized that I'd only ever be wearing this item, whatever it would be, as eyeshadow, so with a similar option for $10 less, and with very nearly the same ingredients, I ended up going with the shadow. I've tried luminizer (Lorac, I think) and could never figure out what to do with it. And the one I own didn't work as eyeshadow - too liquidy.

And I'm basically new at eyeshadow. I own two others, both the Sephora store brand, and both from a while ago. One's a smokey-eye palette, which I've never figured out, and the other was supposed to be taupe but is just sort of blah. Both of these are powder, which seems to just not work on me, whatever the color. I take it from my brief look at the relevant review forums that oily eyelids are a concern for some. I guess I have the opposite concern, because the RMS stuff is oily and just right.

Heewon said...

Glad you like the RMS! Yes, I suppose you're right, the eye shadow and the luminizer are probably pretty similar. I've never liked Sephora brand products, I remember trying an eyeliner from there and being really unsatisfied--good thing they have a terrific return policy.

I don't really wear eye shadow either. I am very oily so I bet if I tried the RMS version it would crease a lot, now that I think about it the luminizer creases if I use it on my eyelids. But I like their lip stains, too, the coconut oil has a nice consistency--I've been playing with strong lip colors recently, and that's been fun!

I put luminizer on my eyelid (lightly), on the bridge of my nose, and right on my cheekbone--gives you a nice glow. Like I said before the liquid stuff always seems too glittery and too obvious, and I like to go for that no-makeup look, generally (other than a strong lip).