Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Why you can't April Fool with fashion

Cupcakes and Cashmere has a post up this morning about "The Statement Anklet," created by wrapping a chunky necklace around your ankle. My first thought was, that's exactly the sort of crafts-looking accessory I wouldn't wear, but then again, I'm not wearing chunky necklaces (or any necklaces) in the first place. But it seemed a perfectly believable suggestion for that blog. If you're being encouraged to tie a denim shirt around the waist of a lime-green dress, why not a statement anklet? Both seem like maybe not the best idea, but these personal-style blogs have to come up with new material. 'You can never go wrong with a navy sweater' isn't going to suffice. Plus, the sillier a newly-invented form of jewelry sounds, the more likely it really is a thing. See: the dainty knuckle ring. Why a statement anklet, but also, why not a statement anklet?

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