Friday, April 11, 2014


I'm going, at last! To Kyoto, Takayama, and Tokyo, but with most of the time in Tokyo. Recommendations? Kei? Gwyneth?

In other, more immediate news, I have a fitness accomplishment to humblebrag about: I now finally outrun a miniature poodle. After several runs with my oh-so-athletic neighbors (most of whom are far taller than I am, forcing me to go that much faster), I've gotten out of whichever plateau. But I only learned this when I took Bisou for a run and found that she - she! - was lagging. I also had the sudden realization that, for my friends here, going running with me is probably much like what I experience going with Bisou.

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kei said...

I love how I'm addressed with Gwyneth. But am I too late? Have you jetted across the ocean? I think you will have a great experience--those three cities/towns will give you great variation in experience, I imagine. Please let me know your dates (duration of time in each city/town) and I will email you with my suggestions! Surely it will be too long of an email but maybe I will provide links to a couple of pictures to give you an idea of what I am babbling about.