Monday, March 10, 2014

"Jansson's Temptation"

Food diaries exist. Right? This is a thing? I remember we had to keep them for a week freshman year of high school - a week when I happened to eat many eggs, I recall, and had to account for my cholesterol consumption in biology class. I haven't had reason to keep such detailed track since. But today, what I ate probably does merit one, and since I don't think Grub Street's knocking, WWPD it is:

-At what felt like 4am, due to some combination of the time change, the need to catch a particular train at Princeton Junction, and having stayed out till almost midnight (old age), but was probably more like 8am, I think I had grapefruit juice, some Raschera cheese without crackers (by which I mean matzo) because I was all out, and coffee.

-At my Canadian-family reunion - in New York, not Canada - I first had a giant cappuccino, with sugar because it seemed useful, what with the sleepiness. Then I had gravlax, which was excellent if unfortunately partially covered in a cream sauce of some kind (and as for why that would be a problem, despite my very much enjoying a whole-milk cappuccino, clearly this is not a nutritional concern, but some kind of latent picky eating that reemerges if surrounded by enough family members), with a side order of something called "Jansson's Temptation." I was not the only cousin curious to know what was so tempting to this Jansson. Alas, Jansson seems to like an anchovy-flavored potato gratin. Fortunately, there's no combination of potato, cheese, and salt I can't enjoy.

-At the Paris Baguette on 32nd Street, I had a mini mochi doughnut. Dessert!

-Iced coffee from Stumptown. Black, no sugar. Delicious. $3.50, so it really should be.

-Against all sleepy odds, and thanks in no small part to that iced coffee, made it home via the stretch of pothole that is the trip between here and Princeton Junction. Fed and walked a stir-crazy poodle. Once back from the walk, had plain pasta with more Raschera, which may or may not be a cheese that's meant for pasta, but it melted nicely. Wanted to include vegetables of some kind (there's kale-of-best-intentions in the fridge, and some winter asparagus), but exhaustion ruled out that possibility.

-Fell asleep for an undisclosed, insufficient amount of time. Woke up ready for... dinner? Second dinner? Remembered, and consumed, the remaining non-doughnut mini-mochi, because all it required, preparation-wise, was opening the package it came in.

Let it be stated for the record that this is in no way representative of my usual habits. But if you're doing an NPR show or writing a Well blog post about the failings of the modern Western diet, feel free to cite this diary as Exhibit A.


Britta said...

Jansson's Temptation is amazingly delicious. I actually had both that and gravlax at my wedding. Also 4 types of pickled herring, and the guests complained when we ran out.*

*Of three of the types. The fourth type was a salad involving herring, boiled eggs, and beats covered in a whipped mayonnaise sauce. The whole thing was bright pink and no one really ate it. It was also supposed to contain some kind of meat, but my mother left it out because it was even too weird for her.

Phoebe said...

Haha. My guess is that Jansson's Temptation, like every other dish of global cuisine, can be better or worse, depending. This particular Temptation required the addition of a *lot* of salt (this was the general consensus). But I don't have any trouble at all believing a potato gratin could be delicious!

Sigivald said...

I was confused, but I guess Stumptown has expanded and has New York (and LA) locations now, in addition to the classic Portland ones.

Live and learn!