Friday, March 07, 2014


Just had a sitcom-esque moment I'd have never expected. I'm sitting in a coffee shop, and someone from the place was going around asking if anyone had arrived in a certain well-known low-end variety of Honda. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!! What has happened to it?! If this were a sitcom, surely something - likely a piano - would have fallen on it. My newish-driver impostor syndrome went into overdrive. The car full-on exploded, thanks to my forgetting to do something any experienced driver would have known! It's rolled into the road - my memory of parking and locking it some kind of delusion! (I suppose the fear might have been that it was stolen, but if so, how would they know the model? And do people really steal used Hondas from a lot down the street from the Lotus garage? Probably, and if that happened, I'd have a very long walk home.) I should never drive to coffee, before having coffee! What happened to my car?

Turns out, nothing. Another same-model vehicle is blocking someone, or parked in the wrong place, or something.

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