Monday, February 03, 2014

Questions of the morning

-How do you separate art from artist if the artist is still living? I mean this in a very pragmatic sense. If the artist's dead, it's simple enough. But won't a living artist, to go on producing that wonderful art that the world so appreciates, need to keep whichever lifestyle to which they (no one specific in mind, ahem) have grown accustomed? As in, there won't be any more art from this person if we don't keep supporting them. And if we liked their old stuff more anyway, we're still supporting the living person by demanding more, say, DVDs of "Annie Hall."

-Will it ever stop snowing? It's fine if the answer's no, but I may want to invest, as they say, in the appropriate gear. While not essential, it would be nice to sometimes leave the house.


fourtinefork said...

Buy winter stuff!

I broke down last week and got a proper, very warm winter coat. I'm glad I did. It's only early February: this could go on until late March!

Phoebe said...

The coat's the one thing I do have, and thank goodness. I got it last year what I'd thought was the end of the season, very discounted and all that, and then the winter just kept going, and I felt all kinds of vindicated.

What I don't have are hardcore snow boots or snow tires. Instead, rain boots and lace-up pseudo-Uggs from Camper circa 2007. And the Alpine hiking boots of my dreams probably aren't the thing one needs for this, much as I'd like to turn this into an excuse to buy something chic.

Nicholas said...

On dealing with art created by people still alive, I think of it as analogous to non-mandatory student evaluations: only the people with really positive or really negative things to say will weigh in. Once you account for the overrepresentation of good and bad things in what is publicly known, and mix in the reality that there is likely some unspecified amount of each that we will never know, standing on moral judgments seems... absurd, at least to me. (It also seems to give a weird kind of credit to people who can be bad but cover it up more effectively, or to encourage that behavior)

Phoebe said...


While the Woody Allen news/non-news is what inspired this question, I probably should have framed it otherwise. Let's say we know a particular living artist did something terrible. More the Polanski situation than the Allen one. How does one celebrate the art but not the artist, when celebrating the art ends up benefitting the artist?

caryatis said...

I will answer the easier question: no, it will never stop snowing, and sadly no, I don't know of a way to get hardcore snow boots that are also cheap. However, Sorels are hardcore and good-looking:

My first purchase on moving to Chicago.

Phoebe said...


Two Canadian friends - one wearing them at the time - recommended those to me just yesterday! And no, not cheap, but cheaper than the Alpine boots I'm always admiring.

CW said...

Kamik is another good Canadian brand and Sierra Trading Post is a good website for potential boot bargains.

Greetings from Minnesota!

Phoebe said...

We Are All Minnesotans. I may have to order some of those - while kicking myself for not hanging onto the cheapo version I had in Chicago.