Friday, August 09, 2013

Immediate post-turning-it-in goals

-Get dog groomed (check!).

-Go to supermarket (check!).

-Catch up on emails (getting there!).

-Clean the bath (hmm...).

-And the rest of the apartment (ehhh...).

-Cuddle with freshly-groomed poodle while watching the newly-available "Princesses of Long Island," trying not to view it through any kind of academic lens (no comment).


Petey said...

One more item for the checklist:

- Remember that acceptance is based 95% on formatting and 5% on content. Frantically re-check for any incredibly minor formatting errors and see if you can get a do-over.

Phoebe said...

There's a system for this - you turn it in before it's done and they check for formatting and tell you just how wrong it is, so you can fix it before the final version. So I'm left to worry about just the 5%.