Sunday, November 18, 2012

A serious post about the world today

-OK, so poodles like to prance around on their hind legs. It's not (as some commenters appeared to believe) some Chinese conspiracy making them do so, nor is this dogs not being dogs. If you want to blame Man, blame whoever came up with the idea of poodles. (Do not ask how a poodle would survive in nature. The very concept, poodle-in-nature, is illogical, gets the timeline wrong.) The tutu may be a bit much, but the biped thing, that happens even without leash-pulling. It's just their thing.

-Rufus Wainwright is taken, guys. (Gals gave up a while ago.) Along the same lines, the New Yorker of all places has a kind of spot-on take on being an 11-year-old girl with a crush on a gay male celebrity. But if you're going to get your humor from that source, you really want to start with this.

-Personal consumption updates: I'm going to have to give a shout-out to the tailor at Aphrodite French Cleaners in the Village, who resuscitated the sweater for a mere $40. I can wear it and stuff! And another to the Lower East Side boutique Honey in the Rough, which a week or so ago had this bucket-full of Uslu Airlines nail polish for $9 a bottle, maybe still does. Yes, the best nail polish of them all - doesn't chip, yet comes off easily with remover. The one I paid 19 euros for in Heidelberg, and thought was unavailable in the States, unavailable except at a handful of concept stores in Europe, where I most definitely am not. Until a moment of Googling revealed a website that solves exactly that sort of problem. Useful, of course, not only if you live in a major city, but also if you want to order something from at least the same country, in the right currency. Technically one can by this nail polish from the company and have it shipped to the States, but it comes to just over $66. In any case, at $9 a bottle, i.e. more like OPI or Essie prices, I confess I ended up buying two - an exquisite clear (why do those generally peel right off?) and another bottle of the same sheer bubblegum pink as I'd bought in Heidelberg. I somehow managed to resist the red, turquoise, and sparkly blue - the thrill of a good deal confronted the reality of which colors go on my nails these days.


Miss Self-Important said...

There is also a version of Sartre's blog avec un chat:

Britta said...

OT question. Uniqlo is selling men's 100% lambswool sweaters, NOT on sale, for $20. I am thinking about getting one as a gift, but this seems suspiciously cheap for a wool sweater. There are no Uniqlos around, so I would have to order it online. In general, do you have any experience with Uniqlo merino or lambswool sweaters? Is the quality decent, or is it not worth it even at that price? I would be embarrassed to give someone a sweater which falls apart after one wear.

Phoebe said...


I'd heard of this, and yes, it's kind of amazing.


The merino ones (mine was maybe $25) seem good, not itchy, nothing unusual with the sizing. One from a while back eventually got a hole, but I can't entirely rule out poodle involvement.