Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cheapness studied and inadvertently ignored

Readers may be familiar with a tag on WWPD called "cheapness studied then deliberately ignored." This refers to, say, a truly excellent pair of shiny ballet flats, purchased despite no true need, and despite the existence of equivalent flats for half the price. Today was not that kind of day. I managed to:

-Get change for a $5 when I'm 99% sure I'd given a $10 at the Greenmarket. (Why I, a person who lives in the country with a car, was buying produce at a farmers market in Manhattan, is material for another post about general rather than financial ineptitude. Although I kind of think this does make sense, given the poor quality of produce in supermarkets here, and the pain-in-the-neck it is to access the alternatives.)

-Think I'd be frugal by walking to Penn Station, stopping for coffee-and-non-teaching-work along the way. Managed to go to a café in Chelsea where an iced coffee is $3.75. An iced coffee. No foam, no espresso.

-Lose a Metrocard with close to $20 on it, that had been deep in a pocket, but not, alas, in my wallet, which would have been ideal. GAAAAAHHHHHHHH.

It's possible that this has something to do with commute-related fatigue. Will take that into account and institute a policy of hyper-vigilance. Fellow commuters, parents of head-in-the-clouds fourth-graders, your suggestions are welcome.

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