Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What need might we possibly have for feminism?

Nothing particular to add re: the Akin controversy. I mean, other than that those who believe life begins at conception, but who graciously allow that rape can lead to conception, now seem relative-speaking quite with-it and rational. This was still probably overall a loss for the social-conservative camp, showing them at their science-oblivious, misogynistic worst. Not the first to observe this, but the truly upsetting aspect of the "gaffe" was that it implied that any time a woman does conceive after being raped, it's because on some fundamental level, she actually consented. And a woman who consented to having sex outside marriage (because why else would abortion even come up, right?) is clearly some kind of prostitute, as the Affaire Fluke reminded us. The slut-shaming of victims of "date" or "gray" rape isn't anything out of the ordinary, but the shaming of victims of violent stranger rape still manages to cross a line for, oh, just about everyone.

In lighter feminist news, let's take a moment to note that Isabella Rossellini eats bread. Butters it, even. That a female celebrity eats regular food in normal, person-feeding amounts is news. ('OMG I lurve cheeseburgers!', invariably uttered by someone notorious for living off celery, doesn't count.) The profile also does us the good service of mentioning that Rossellini's "middle has thickened." Just in case you thought you could have your carbs and eat them too.

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caryatis said...

Not to mention that, although Akin "apologized" for the "gaffe", he did so by stating that by "legitimate rape" he meant "forcible rape". So women can't get pregnant after "forcible rape". Which is...pretty much exactly as boneheaded as what he originally said.