Friday, August 17, 2012

Ruby slippers

While I was away, I noticed that the shoes were reduced from $150 to $90. And available in the half-size I take. So it had to be done. They have arrived. They are spectacular.

By "the shoes," I mean a pair I've been obsessed with for years, although in a sense since childhood: ruby slippers. I guess the classic comes from Repetto, but Bloch is a notch less dainty (i.e. more practical, comfortable, cushioned, less on the verge of being worn through) and yeah, maybe a touch less expensive-looking, but also so much less expensive. If I had $270 ballet flats, I would need to put them into a museum display case.

Repetto flat
The schmancy Repettos, via Polyvore.

The Blochs I will in principle not find too special to wear, but thus far, I can only get myself to admire them.

Bloch ballet flats, patent leather, in "Formula One." Via Amazon


Autumn Whitefield-Madrano said...

Love! My favorite pair of shoes is a pair of burgundy mary janes, and it was only when my mother pointed it out that I realized they were basically ruby slippers. (I'm gathering from the childhood comment that you, like me, were a Dorothy.) At least one of my childhood dreams has come true...

Phoebe said...

Ha, so I'm not alone in having had this childhood dream. Mine stems both from the movie and from the fact that a children's shoe store I would go to had these amazing red glitter shoes, shoes I wasn't allowed to get because my parents (wisely) decided that glitter shoes were a bad investment, even by children's-shoe standards. Those shoes are the only thing I can remember ever really wanting as a child but not getting, not that I was overindulged in that regard. More that a) I had a school uniform, and b) those were the days of grunge, and no one was begging for a designer handbag. To this day, when I see a little girl in glittery red shoes, I'm reminded of that moment when pragmatism won out.